Helping small businesses shore up their defences one bite at a time

Why we made CyberPie

The cybersecurity industry is a treasure trove of advice, simple fixes and workarounds yet none of this filters down to the small business owner.  The corporate world and the small business world are two very different places. In the corporate world cybersecurity is handled by a dedicated department. In contrast, small business owners have to wear many hats and cybersecurity is rarely one of them.

CyberPie was built on the idea that the microbusiness makes up 90% of Irish businesses. When it comes to cybersecurity size doesn't matter — all businesses need access to cybersecurity supports.
CyberPie is our way of giving the very small business a piece of the cybersecurity pie helping them to protect and defend themselves so they can get on with business of running their business.

Andrea Manning CyberPie Founder

Andrea Manning | CyberPie Founder

Choose something that 'sizzles your bacon' and you've found your ideal job. Cybersecurity is mine. The eternal rebel and rulebreaker, my mission is to demystify cybersecurity and never to sell the fear. I want to make every business owner feel that they can understand, and manage their own security much as they do the other areas of their business. As the only person to ever utter the words, "I love GDPR" my plan is to bring that same optimism and enthusiasm to cybersecurity.

Supporting Small Business

We are continually striving to be the voice of small business when it comes to cybersecurity. We are proud members of all these amazing organisations. When you join CyberPie let us know how we can support you.

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Connect with Us

We built CyberPie for you. Whether you have a question, comment or just want to share some #CyberPie slices of your own —we'd love to hear from you.

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