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Why we made CyberPie

You know you need cybersecurity. But if you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably felt frustrated that none of the cybersecurity industry’s advice, fixes and workarounds are tailored to you.

In Ireland alone, microbusinesses make up 90% of the business landscape, and they struggle to secure adequate cybersecurity. While big corporations can afford a dedicated cybersecurity department, you’re left wearing many hats when leading a small business – and you just can’t find the time to put on your cybersecurity one.

As a result, you’re fearful that you’re leaving your business undefended, and – worse still – you know you risk losing your customers’ trust.

Our entire business is dedicated to helping you protect yours.

We built CyberPie to give you and your small business a piece of the cybersecurity pie, to offer a one-stop solution so you can defend your business while getting ahead with running your business.

Andrea Manning CyberPie Founder

Andrea Manning | CyberPie CEO & Founder

Choose something that 'sizzles your bacon' and you've found your ideal job. Cybersecurity is mine.

The eternal rebel and rulebreaker, Andrea’s mission is to demystify cybersecurity. Never one to feed into or sell the fear of cybersecurity, Andrea wants to make every business owner understand and manage their own security – just as they would any other area of their business. As the only person to ever utter the words “I love GDPR”, Andrea’s plan is to bring that same enthusiasm and optimism to cybersecurity.

Alison McMurtrie| CyberPie COO & Co-Founder

Do It! If you have an idea or concept, then go for it. You do not have to have all the answers now, but with the right attitude, curious mind and a great idea you can have a great business! The support is there.

Entrepreneur and business growth specialist, Alison still has the heart of a mechanical engineer. Process and strategy combine with an international career, including time spent on oil rigs, to make her the ideal fit for CyberPie. Why, because cybersecurity doesn't have a type, its something we all need and must do. There's nothing you can't throw at her, and she makes things happen.

Alison McMurtrie bio photo

We Support Small Businesses

When it comes to cybersecurity, CyberPie is the voice of small businesses. We are proud members of these amazing organisations and support their causes every day.

Now, we’d love to support you. When you join CyberPie, let us know how we can help.

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We built CyberPie for you. Whether you have a question, comment or just want to share some #CyberPie slices of your own,
we’d love to hear from you.

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