We're making some changes

CyberPie was our pandemic baby and now its time for us to decide the next steps. We'll use this page to keep you updated and share any news. Thank you for all your support to date and for now we'll see that old cliche...."watch this space"!

We're still here so if you'd like to get in contact drop us a line at hello@cyber-pie.com

With only 5 minutes a week you can start protecting your business...

So your customers rest easy knowing they're in safe hands.

We understand that just trying to find the time to think about cybersecurity is hard, let alone coming up with a plan that builds security into your business.

That’s why CyberPie makes things straightforward and easy to follow for you.

With our ‘one-bite-at-a-time’ approach, small business owners can manage their own cybersecurity. How? It’s simple. We create fun videos, micro tasks and other resources that teach you how to start defending yourself against cybercrime and protect your reputation.

Watch CyberPie training videos
security awareness training

All you need is 5 minutes

Watch our bitesize Weekly Slice™ videos, which use storytelling to help you evolve your security mindset. With very little time commitment, you’ll receive the building blocks you need to start defending your company.


GDPR doesn't need to be complicated.

Use our sample templates and policies to elevate your GDPR game. Follow our simple, practical steps to save time and see immediate impact. What’s more, your continuous training via CyberPie is all you need to meet the GDPR Security Awareness Training requirement.

CyberPie training

use security tools & resources

Information you can trust so your customers trust you.

Call on the right materials to save time and money while protecting your business and meeting your GDPR requirements. Access a knowledge base of step-by-step security solutions, product advice, link-checking tools and expertly curated resources.

Be GDPR compliant

Here’s what our customers say about us.

Jenny R.


“My business is all about trust – so cybersecurity is vital. The problem was I didn’t know where to start. CyberPie has given me the answer!”

John C.

Marketing Enterpreneur

“Cybersecurity and GDPR are selling tools in my business. With CyberPie, my customers value the honesty around the use of their data.”

Anne R.


“We handle sensitive data. There would be devastating consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Luckily, with CyberPie, we’ve upped our security game.”

You can’t expect to run a trustworthy business without the right knowledge and tools.
That’s where your Weekly Slice™ by CyberPie comes in – easily digestible guides about cybersecurity and GDPR that show you what To Do, To Know, To Learn and To Enjoy.

Your Weekly Slice™

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Are you ready to protect your business and gain your customers’ trust? All you need is five minutes a week – and you’ll finally have that missing piece of the puzzle that will help boost your cybersecurity.

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Customised for Small Business

Implement Cybersecurity

Defend your business with simple, practical solutions.

Meet GDPR Requirements

Finally learn about GDPR and make it relevant for you. Use our sample policies and templates to save yourself time.

Win Peace of mind

Earn your customers’ trust and follow expert advice to protect your business, one bite at a time.

We Support Small Businesses

When it comes to cybersecurity, CyberPie is the voice of small businesses. We are proud members of these amazing organisations and support their causes every day.

Now, we’d love to support you. When you join CyberPie, let us know how we can help.