Where are your cybersecurity risks as a small business owner?

Cyber awareness, Cyber resilience, Cyber shields and Cyber hygiene are buzz works that every business cannot avoid, whether in the news,radio or articles. What do these terms actually mean for us – the small business owners? We do everything, we wear all the hats; sales, marketing, finance, HR and the list goes on, we don’t have time to understand and do more. Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as cyber attacks, especially on small businesses become more frequent and complex. Identifying risk is the first step to achieving these buzz words. All these words effectively refer to conducting good cybersecurity practise and this begins with identifying where your cybersecurity risks exist.

The risk that is Email

So where do you begin with identifying your risk? Every business operates differently and with that brings different risks. Generally speaking everybody uses email. Email is an essential process in most businesses. Email improves efficiency but with this efficiency brings risk. Access to an employees email account can do a lot of damage to a business. Simple and cost effective hacks can involve implementing a password policy so employees passwords are of a standard that is difficult to hack, updating email security settings and enabling two factor authentication.

Data Protection

The data you store is another common risk businesses have. Data must be stored correctly under GDPR guidelines. All information is useful to hackers in some way, some more than others (Legal industry, Medical Industryand counselling services) these must handle data with extreme care as this information in unlawful hands could potentially be very damaging.  Simple and effective solutions such as implementing policies and training and education employees about the importance of confidentiality on a regular basis can lower your cyber risk.

Your Employees

The most common risk that businesses experience is lack of awareness and training of their employees. In a world where cyber attacks frequency and complexity have increased the one hour cybersecurity video to check a box is far from sufficient anymore. Your employees can be both your biggest strength or greatest weakness when it comes to cyber threats. This is a risk that needs constant management and attention to detail.

What can you do?

These three risks mentioned in this blog is only a starting point for risk identification your business has. Every business is different.To receive a personalised cyber health check to identify the risks that your business has and receive a comprehensive report with suggested measures to reduce this risk go to https://www.cyber-pie.com/121-cybersecurity-healthcheck to book a 1 to 1 health check with our cybersecurity and GDPR expert Andrea Manning.

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