The many hats of the small business owner

From a peaked cap to a hard hat, be prepared for a whole heap of costume changes as a small business owner. Not literally of course unless a hard hat is a site requirement! But rather in the symbolic sense of the word as you take on more roles than you may have initially expected as you step up as boss. Even if you have a number of employees, chances are you will fill the gap where no one else wears a suitable hat or has the pertinent skillset. Who knew you would be your own social media manager or receptionist? But are those jobs taking you away from the work you set out to do? And if you are a solopreneur then the hat rack solely belongs to you! If multitasking is your thing then plough on, but perhaps look at sharing the hat rack. There is after all plenty of room for the multitude of hats needed in your business.

With any new business, we run headfirst into tackling every job. Possibly because we didn’t realise certain jobs were a priority. But our enthusiasm is glowing, ideas are bouncing off the walls, and soon enough interest from customers is booming. It’s exciting, and daunting, but like many of us who set up a small business and try to carry the load, you may eventually feel pulled in more ways than one. Challenges and obstacles can appear which you didn’t envision, pulling you one way or another as you switch hats hour after hour.

So the big question is, how many hats can you wear before they all topple off your knowledgeable head?

Recognising you are not able to do it all shows a business owner who has foresight and an understanding of their business as a whole. You are not expected to know everything or pre-empt the various obstacles which may come your way in building your empire. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be prepared, hone the skills you have, and identify the jobs you can do and are available to do. By doing this you will discover which jobs may need outsourcing or how else you can fill a position.
It may be disheartening to realise you can’t do it all, but you can do what you’re best at and that’s your most important job as boss. So web design is not your thing or cybersecurity seems complicated, but there is always someone to guide, support, or implement certain aspects of your business.  

Actively organising your hat rack will mean your business will be managed more efficiently and that the right people are doing the right job, leaving you to wear the most important hat. The Top Hat.

We understand the small business owner, and appreciate that wearing the cybersecurity hat is a challenge. That's why we built CyberPie to help and guide you in building security into your business.

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