Key cybersecurity trends to look out for to protect your business this year

Cybersecurity in 2022

With the world of cybersecurity constantly changing are you and your business wondering how can I prepare for the year ahead? What do I need to look out for this year? With a changing working environment to hybrid and work from home we have experienced more cyber risks. Identifying these risks and identify what trends we are seeing amongst hackers and social engineers in 2022 is crucial for businesses as they prepare for the year ahead.

What is the most common type of hacking?

Phishing and social engineering is still by far and will be by far the most common cyber threat for the year ahead. With Hybrid and work from home models more people have more access to your computer. Do you use your work computer for personal use? Not everyone has the luxury of a specific computer for work and have to double up with it as a personal computer and a work computer. Do family and friends use your multipurpose computer? It only takes a click of a button for a malicious website to be opened by accident, respond to a phishing email or open a scam file. This is one of the main reasons phishing scams have increased exponentially since the start of the pandemic. In total there has been a 600% increase in cyber attacks since the start of the pandemic.

Trends that we can expect for 2022 are:

1.       Hackers opting for bank account details as opposed to cryptocurrency demands during ransomware attacks, this is mainly due to the fluctuating value of cryptocurrency.

2.       We can expect to see more hacking within the Internet of Things. With this new technology there is very little cybersecurity standards or awareness that they can be hacked and the potential for hacking is far greater and far easier. Yes, your smart light bulbs are a security risk!

3.      Configuration mistakes remain to be a weakness businesses have. Not implementing password, internet safety and privacy policies as well as multi factor authentication offers a weakness and a way in for hackers and social engineers. Good cyber hygiene is crucial.

4.      Reallocation of funds to cybersecurity. As hacks become more common and hackers become more innovative companies and businesses are investing in cybersecurity. AI is becoming common within the industry to help detect threats. EDRs are also becoming more popular amongst businesses.They scan your computer and will shut down any abnormal behaviour. Antivirus software is being slowly phased out for EDRs.

 What can you do?

Cyber awareness and good cyber hygiene are crucial elements in the prevention of a cyber hack. With just 5 minutes of cybersecurity training per week you can help strengthen your cyber shield!


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