How to build a culture of security in a small business

You’rea business owner of a small business. You’ve heard about the increased cybersecurity risks of people working from home plus of course the increased risk from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Your employees can either be your biggest risk or your best defence. Did you know that phishing is the most common form of cyber hacking? So, what can be done to build your defences, all with limited money and resources? 

A culture of security comes down to how your team treat and manage data. Larger organisations have the benefit of information security culture assessments or hiring one of the big cybersecurity firms to implement state of the art cybersecurity technology solutions. As a small business owner this is simply not viable. Here are some low-tech cyber-savvy tips you can introduce to promote a culture of security in your workplace 


Make it Personal 

Personalised security awareness training for your employees that’s relative to them is more engaging and results in absorbing more information. On top of providing regular awareness training for the workplace, training should be provided on how to stay cyber safe and aware at home also! Managing a device that is for both for work and personal use, with kids and other family members brings other risks.


Make your Policies come to life 

Include your policies and standards that exist within your business, so they are aware of how to act or react. Password, GDPR and privacy policies are three key policies your employees should be aware of among others.  


Smart Onboarding 

Emphasise the importance of cybersecurityto your employees from the first day of onboarding and lead by example showing your employees how important cybersecurity is in your organization. Ifyou as the leader prioritises cybersecurity,your employees will.  


Little and often 

The ‘one bite at a time’ approach is far more effective. Educate and inform with a combination of bite-sized resources from interesting news and podcasts to mini-training sessions to role-playing your responses to a security disaster. The days of annual 1-hour training videos are dead. 


The internet has a wealth of resources when it comes to promoting a culture of security in your small business – many of them free!  Make it personal, lead by example, revisit those policies in the drawer and of course take the CyberPie approach – one bite at a time! 


Author’s note: A free CyberPie subscription will do all of the above for you 😊

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