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Investing in cybersecurity is like signing up for an advanced driving course

Taking the driver seat and clutching the wheel of cyber security is quite like those nerves which creep in when taking our first driving lesson. Sweaty palms, overthinking, misplaced footing and why is the hand brake so stiff! The cockpit is alien, and the wipers start flashing but we’ve no idea what we hit to turn them on. How will all of this ever make sense?

There’s not many of us who can sit in a car and take off smoothly straight away while neatly indicating and giving the cyclist a clear 1.5 metres clearance. A good instructor, lots of practice, and time and eventually driving becomes second nature. Heading full throttle into the world of cyber security is much the same. It’s a nerve-wracking experience full of risk assessments and building walls. A good coach, some investment, and facing our fears about cyber security and soon enough it can all work heavily in our favour.

With CyberPie, it’s like taking an advanced driving course to help you become more confident and competent and most importantly secure and safe! Interacting online can bring risk, which can encourage stress and fatigue. In the end, we’re building our business under the strain of an unnecessary worry as the pedals and gear shifts of cyber security clunk and grind. With our help and our expert guidance we can guide you to become a smoother and more accurate driver of security in your business.

Investing the time to build cyber security into your small business can seem daunting. The fear of leaving ourselves open to attack, can make us defensive and crawling in the fast lane, which ultimately is a dangerous place to be. Our content aims to take away the stress and help you flick through the manual of IT security to improve your awareness and observation skills when you’re networking online. We eliminate the stress which comes with taking the wheel.

Not only does CyberPie ensure you are safer in your travels around the online world in your day-to-day operations, but you will benefit from improved performance and potential favourable rates from your insurance company. Your customers will also appreciate and recognise the excellence and expert skills you’ve developed and sharpened in building your business with a dedicated commitment to security and trust. Think of it like being the mechanic of your first car. The car you fell in love with it no matter how jaded it was and the car you learnt to drive in. Your business is that car and you will do anything to protect it.

Taking that advanced driving course, is a long-term strategy.

You may not see the immediate benefits of it, but over time, investing in cyber security for your business will mean better performance, long term thinking, reduced risk, recognition of excellence and actively benefiting your customers.

Quite like driving, cyber security does not have to be expensive, but it does take effort and expert guidance to gain confidence. Let us help you cruise the highway of cyber security.

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