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Understanding small business

If I were one of the characters from the Mr Men books, I would be Little Miss Brave. And so would every single one of us who has taken the plunge at a later age to recreate and redefine ourselves. Entrepreneurial activity among the over-50s has risen by almost 50% since 2008 and is continuing to rise. This is my second life at 53 as a business owner and recent graduate with a BSc Business Information Systems. I may be a late starter, but I am also a reinventor and enduringly enthusiastic and passionate about what I do.

Jumping into our desires and dreams alongside our younger peers comes with its advantages. We have the experience. We’ve made the mistakes and rectified them and can use this knowledge to skip over that enlightening part of our career. We have put in the hours and now have the time to ignite that project, product, or service we have long thought about. We already have the network and the financial know how. And possibly one of the best advantages is that we have an altered perspective about what we want to achieve and how we can do it.

If you’d like an insight into my brain, imagine a computer with about 50 tabs open. I begin sentences with, “I know a great app for that!” and my face lights up with the hope that you’ll lean right in and say, “Oh what it is?” I’m an eternal researcher, enticed like a magpie to new and shiny explorations of our world and are part in it. And as an early adopter of technologies, I am first in line to figure out how and why something works the way it does. I am practical and pragmatic with a great sense of justice, always fighting the corner for the little guy. And I have poured all of these traits into CyberPie because I am CyberPie.

As a small business owner in this second age of discovery, I know you, how you work, and what you need.

On finding out that 90% of Irish businesses fall into the micro-business sector with less than ten employees, it was clear to me that the high tech cybersecurity industry is not speaking to them, to us. Yet we know that 60% of small businesses hit by a cybercrime will  go out of business within six months. So much of cybersecurity is human, and indeed the fixes and solutions are often free. But that wisdom from the industry just doesn’t filter down to regular people like you and me.

CyberPie delivers cybersecurity awareness, resources, and solutions as a monthly subscription. We teach you by telling stories because stories are 22% more memorable than facts. We break it down into weekly tasks that take less than five minutes to complete, and work to build up your defences one bite at a time. We know you because we are you.

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