4 Things you can do to make working from home more secure

Are you a scammers dream?

The amount of people working from home has skyrocketed and its unlikely to drop much as we move towards a hybrid approach between the office and home. This means that the way we work has changed and we need to be mindful of how to manage our cyber security risks both personally and professionally, as this now all takes place in one space.

All communication that once took place in person now takes place over the phone or email or video, meaning that more information is being exchanged using technology. This is a scammers dream, as it gives them ample opportunity to intercept information or gather data under false pretences. Worse, it may be done without your knowledge, or if you're multi tasking you might be caught on the hop and unwittingly hand over information that compromises your accounts.  If someone is asking for your account information over the phone or email, be wary that this may be a scam. Do not provide any details unless you are certain that the recipient is legitimate.

Sharing devices with the rest of the family might mean that cloud storage is a good option for you. GDPR means we all need to look at how securely we store and protect our customer's data, and we need to prove it.

Working from home also means that your personal devices may cross over to being used for your business. To ensure they're secured appropriately:

  1. Update your software as often as necessary
  2. Use anti-virus and anti-malware software
  3. Add password protection  all devices.
  4. Secure your home wifi by changing the default password.

Commit to making just one change today, and you're already safer.

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