A Simple Approach


If you're worried about phishing and scams and data breaches and don't know where to begin we've got you. A CyberPie Subscription equips you with a toolkit of resources to help you learn about cybercrime, defend against threats and protect your most valuable asset— your business data.


Cybercriminals love

Small Businesses

The small business is an easy target. It typically has fewer protections in place and little or no monitoring. Cybercriminals don't choose small businesses —rather their defenses are just easier to break through. And the results can be devastating. Cybersecurity doesn't come with a guarantee but when we secure our homes with locks and alarms we know they will both protect us and act as a deterrent. Cybersecurity is the same. You'll wish you'd done it.

It won't happen to me

28% of all cyber attacks involve small businesses. In the UK a small business is successfully hacked every 19 seconds. It's human nature to think we're invincible but cybercrime is a numbers game—its aimed at everyone and if you have any weaknesses they'll find you.

I'm protected

90% of data breaches are down to human error. Whether it's clicking on a phishing link, updating a supplier's bank details with fraudulent ones, or sharing passwords we're at risk everyday. For security awareness to be effective it needs to continuous.

What's the cost?

The average cost of a cybercrime to a micro-business is around €6,000. Add in loss of reputation, social media account take over and lost business and it's not hard to see why most small businesses close down within 6 months of a cyber attack.


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Who is CyberPie For?

You care about your customers and know the value of gaining their trust. Yours is a business that lives and dies by your reputation for professionalism and confidentiality. As a business owner you understand  the moral, and sometimes legal, obligation to protect your website, social media accounts and your customer's data.


CyberPie is designed for the small business owner who has no time and limited resources.  We've come up with a way to help you do CyberSecurity. All the tools, tips and tales wrapped up in a subscription. Build your defences one small task at a time, and all in under 5 minutes a week.


A CyberPie Subscription is CyberSecurity done 'one bite at a time'.

  • Dark Tales

    Hear tales from the Dark Web. Learn how scams are bought and sold like retail goods. Discover how criminal minds target us. Learning should never feel like learning. Stories makes this possible.

  • Real-time alerts

    What does the latest threat or phishing email look like? Get advance notice on what to watch out for and the steps you can take to protect yourself. Upload  and share your 'phishy' emails.

  • Simple Tools

    Have you ever received a link you're not sure about? You want to click just in case. Upload your suspicious links into the app and verify whether they're malicious or safe.

  • 5 Minute Tasks

     Which password manager? What is a VPN and do I need one? Anti-virus versus anti-malware? Our 5 minute tasks guide you through the cybersecurity maze, building up your defenses— one bite at a time.


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The idea for CyberPie came about after I spent hours down the cybersecurity rabbit hole learning about about criminal gangs with Lamborghinis, dark web shopping lists and off-the-shelf ransomware.  I wanted to find a way to bring this to you. We learn by telling stories and these stories will stop you in your tracks—or at the very least have you installing a password manager! I also realised that the cybersecurity community is a treasure trove of advice, simple fixes and workarounds  yet none of this filters down to the small business owner.


I have worked in the corporate world and I've worked in the small business world. They are two very different places. In the corporate world cybersecurity is all handled by a dedicated department. In contrast, small business owners have to wear many hats and cybersecurity is rarely one of them. CyberPie is a simple solution that wraps up the best tools, tips and tales into a subscription tailored to the unique needs of the small business owner and enterpreneur.


CyberPie is peace of mind, one story at a time.

Andrea Manning

Founder, CyberPie

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