Feeling exposed online? You don't have to! CyberPie is here to help  protect you and your business. In a personalised one-to-one session we'll show you how to manage your passwords, install or update your security settings, help you learn to recognise phishing emails and more. Plus, we'll share our  handy tools and tips that will make you more secure.

For a limited time we are offering personal cybersecurity reviews for small business owners. Think of it like an annual roadworthy check.
90 minutes in return for peace of mind.

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How it Works & Pricing

Cybersecurity Health Check Risk Profile

Everyone is talking about cybersecurity. We all mean to get around to 'sorting out our cybersecurity'. We attend webinars and promise ourselves we'll get around to it. When you book yourself in for a Cybersecurity Health Check we make the changes then and there. This way there's less talking and a lot more actual doing.

Improve your Security One Bite at a Time

Its Quick. Its Easy. Its Effective.

How it works

  • Book online today and select a calendar slot that works for you.
  • Complete a simple form so we can customise your session and address any particular concerns you have. GDPR advice included.
  • Pay on checkout using our secure payment gateway. Your booking comes with a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.
  • Receive your follow up report and list of recommendations, including our favourite recommended powerful tools and apps, within 48 hours of your review.

The cost of your 121 personalised cybersecurity review is €340 inclusive of all of the above.

Bell curve from unsafe to safe

Here’s what some of our customers are saying

Eibhin Craddock


"...from super freaked out and overwhelmed to sorted..."

Samantha Kelly

Tweeting Goddess
Women's Inspire Network

“Andrea added so much value. Highly recommend."

Sarah Petersen

Dan-Eire Designs

“Now my social media accounts are secured."

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